Out of It

Workshop Outline

"The hazards associated with excessive alcohol use had already become apparent" 'Out of It' Evaluation Report

Out of It WorkshopThe initial workshop activities are designed to discover pupil’s attitudes and values towards alcohol and explore their knowledge of the effects. The performance element introduces the group to the character of Steve, a 17 year old whose drinking has got out of control. He regularly binge drinks and by frequently driving under the influence, he also puts other lives, including his girlfriend Julie’s, at risk.Out of It Workshop

Pupils are given the opportunity to talk to Steve by hot-seating him and then reflect on the attitudes that he has displayed towards alcohol and how it affects his life. We then witness a scene with Steve and Julie where he is putting considerable pressure on her to have a party whilst her parents are away at the weekend.

During the conversation we see Julie’s anxiety about the potential for things to go wrong at this party and she is clearly uncomfortable about it, but Steve promises that he will help to make sure everything stays under control. The pupils are asked to anticipate those things that could go wrong and form pictures to suggest the potential events of the evening.

Out of It WorkshopPupils are then asked to consider how Julie may have been able to resist the pressure that Steve put on her when persuading her to have the party in the first place. The scene is revisited and pupils volunteer to take on the role of Julie to demonstrate techniques pupils could use to resist peer pressure in similar circumstances.

The workshop finishes with a discussion that asks the students to think about what young people can do to minimise the risks that they take when drinking.

Out of It was originally devised by Helen Greenwood and Gavin Allen and was delivered in 2008 by Simon Turner and Gemma Stevens.