Project aims and objectives

"Where I live, young people are out drunk every night. They pass my house shouting and stuff and I just laugh at them" - Yr 8 Pupil

Out of It Workshop'Out of It' is project involving a series of drama workshops specifically designed to follow on from the 2004 'Bottling It Up' Herefordshire tour. Examining the issues surrounding young people's alcohol use and misuse, the workshops will use drama techniques to provide the participants with transferable skills to create their own piece of participatory theatre to perform to peer audiences after the project is finished.

Inititally the project was open to a total of 5 groups made up from three pupil referral units, one special school and a selected group from a local secondary school.

The groups involved were from the following Herefordshire Schools:

The Aconbury Centre
Brookfield Special School
Haywood High School
St David’s Pupil Referral Unit
The PrioryOut of It Workshop

A team leader and another facilitator visited each group three times to run two-hour workshops incorporating a performance element related to issues in the ‘Bottling It Up’ programme alongside teaching participatory techniques.

75 pupils between the ages of 13 and 17 participated in the workshops.

The groups developed a more mature understanding of some of the alcohol awareness issues that were explored in the workshops by gaining more understanding of risky behaviour and assertiveness skills.

Building on this success 'Out of It' is touring across Herefordshire in 2008.

Project Aim

The project aims to give young people clear and accurate information about alcohol use, to recognise the impact of external influences and identify risks and consequences of excessive alcohol use.

Project Objectives

Students are given opportunity to:

  • Recognise the impact of external influences and to identify potential risks and consequences of excessive alcohol use
  • Acquire and practice skills which allow students to make informed choices which relate to alcohol
  • Participate in workshop activities to acquire skills in drama and group work